Changes and cancellations by 30th September, change of class by 25.10 via ws.info@anfitalia.it
Cancellations after 30th September will not be refunded.

Payment by 10.10

Click the image below to register


⋅ In compliance with social distancing, it’s mandatory to assign a double cage (cm 130 x 65 x 65) to exhibitors registering only one cat – Fee for one cat*
⋅ Exhibitors registering two cats will have a double cage (with the possibility to use a divider) at a reduced rate – Fee for two cats**

Fee for one cat – in double cage

Fee for two cats – in double cage

80 €

140 €  (70 € each cat with the possibity to divide the cage with a divider)

⋅ For exhibitors registering more than two cats, we invite you to read the table below.


1 Cat – n.1 Mandatory Double Cage

2 Cats – n.1 Double Cage

3 Cats – n.1 Double Cage + n.1 Mandatory Double Cage

4 Cats – n.2 Double Cages

5 Cats – n.2 Double Cages + n.1 Mandatory Double Cage

6 Cats – n. 3 Double Cages

7 Cats – n. 3 Double Cages + n.1 Mandatory Double Cage

80 €

140 €

220 €

280 €

360 €

420 €

500 €

80 € x 1

70 € x 2

70 € x 2 + 80 €

70 € x 4

70 € x 4 + 80 €

70 € x 6

70 € x 6 + 80 €

Payment by bank transfer:

IBAN IT16Y0200801118000106210278
Account Name: ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE FELINA ITALIANA – Address Via Gropello 12 ZIP 10138 Town Torino

Decription of the money transfer: Surname and Name of Exhibitor / Cat’s Owner.
For NO SEPA transfers expenses to be borne by the sender.
In case of problems, please contact us at ws.info@anfitalia.it

How it works:

1) When you register you will get a confirmation’ email that will give you access to your personal dashboard.
2) The payment will be verified and then registered on your personal dashboard.
3) FIFe Members will be asked to confirm your registrations after the registration closing date.
4) By Thursday 28th October you should upload the Veterinary Certificate which you can download from the following link, you can also send it via email at ws.info@anfitalia.it, we remind you that the date of the certificate must be later than 25th October.


Only cats of fully recognized breeds and their fully recognized varieties as well as house cats belonging to individual FIFe members may participate at the World Show.


For all Winner Shows – World Show included – organised prior to 31.12.2021, no qualifications are needed for cats to participate.

Read on the FIFe website: http://www1.fifeweb.org/wp/news/#379